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A tax consultant in the Netherlands with a personal approach

Have you found the perfect job in the Netherlands and are you planning a stay in this beautiful country? Of course you are planning a trip to the windmills, take a look at the stunning tulips and visit the capital city Amsterdam. But beside that, you also have to take care of your administration and fill in your taxes. As a foreign employee working in the Netherlands, it could be a tough task to fill in the Dutch 30% tax ruling application. Do you need some help with filling out Dutch tax forms? Or have you experiencing difficulties with filling out the tax forms that are required for expats? At Witlox International Tax Advice they are more than willing to help you.

The Dutch 30% tax ruling application for the foreign employee

Taxes need to be paid according to certain rules. As a foreign employee working at a Dutch company, you might have heard of the application for the 30% tax ruling. But what exactly does this include? If you want to apply for the Dutch 30% ruling, you must apply for it within four months after you start working in the Netherlands. The ruling stipulates that 30% of your gross income will be paid without any taxation, which results in a higher nett salary. Let a tax consultant in the Netherlands from Witlox International Tax Advice help you with your application to check if you are allowed to apply for the tax ruling.

A reliable and professional partner for expat taxing

Witlox International Tax Advice is an expert in expat taxing. They are here for every foreign employee working in the Netherlands that needs information and advice regarding any tax issue. They are perfectly able to help you with filing Dutch tax returns, the 30% ruling and US tax returns. Besides that, they can provide the full range of services needed to bring an expat to the Netherlands. For example the work permits and visa, school enrolment, house hunting and settling in services. Would you like the help of a tax consultant from the Netherlands to help you with filling out Dutch tax forms? Contact them so they can help!