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Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Tips

Elder Scrolls Online players who want to experience mage or wizard play style have the option to start a new adventure as Sorcerers. This class has two unique mechanics. The first one is pet summoning. Sorcerers use Daedric magic to conjure combat assistants such as magical armors and atronachs. Spell casting is the second representative class mechanic. Sorcerers are not the only Elder Scrolls Online class who can use spells but they’re the only pure spell casters. Unlike other classes who fight using a combination of spells and physical abilities, Sorcerers rely on spell casting alone. They consume Magicka to perform spells. Only three spells cost Stamina. Sorcerers are able to wear any type of armor and equip any weapon, however, players will choose light armor to boost magic abilities and staves. It’s not uncommon to see a Sorcerer equipped with something else than a staff but it’s probably not the best choice.

Daedric Summoning is the Sorcerer skill line for damage dealing with a pet. This specialization relies on summoning combat pets that perform various activities. All spells in this line come from Daedric magic. Sorcerers are able to summon pets such as storm atronachs, clannfears and winged twilights. Each pet can be customized depending on the chosen morph alternative. These pets deal damage and stun enemies. Daedric Summoning also contains damage dealing spells and a few protection spells.  

Dark Magic Sorcerer brings crowd control and damage to the party. Elder Scrolls Online players who choose this specialization will invest skill points to unlock damaging spells that also have crowd control perks. This skill line is recommended for players who want to be more actively involved in damage dealing. Although Daedric Summoning is also a DPS specialization, summoners focus on improving and supporting their familiars rather than harming the enemies themselves.

Storm Calling is also a DPS specialization. Storm Sorcerers use lighting spells to damage enemies. There is no pet summoning involved and the crowd control perks are rather insignificant. Storm Calling specialization provides great single target and area of effect damage. This Elder Scrolls Online skill tree is considered one of the best pure DPS specializations. Elde scrolls online gold are also you needed for your playing, which can help you to get more better weapons.