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Effective ways of learning Dutch at Katakura WBLC

Do you hear Dutch people on the streets and think, I want to communicate with you? Get to know Katakura WBLC language school! We would love to help you learn the Dutch language. Dutch people are great in English, but wouldn’t it be cool to communicate with Dutch people in the language we speak hear? They will be stunned, your social-life will improve and the chances are higher you will get that job you have always wanted. We want you to learn Dutch at Katakura WBLC, in your own tempo. Study in the country we’re the language is spoken! With our highly-trained teachers, along with the great environment… we think you will learn the Dutch language as well. It just takes time, patience… and a little effort! We are there to help, support and assist you. Katakura WBLC has helped international people for many years now.

Learning Dutch at Katakura WBLC

What do you need to know about learning Dutch at Katakura WBLC? Our school is international, friendly and relaxed. We guarantee small classes (max 8 to 9 students), leading systematically from 1 level to the next. All our teachers are native-speakers, experienced, highly competent and are using communicative, dynamic methodology. Our teachers make learning fun and get amazing results. Lively conversation and discussion is the main aim, but there is also language input (vocabulary and grammar) and practice of other skills. Learning Dutch at Katakura WBLC with other people who have the same goal, make friends and learn our language together. We offer you 12-, 8-, 4-, 2-1 week and weekend courses, (semi)intensive Dutch language courses with monthly start dates. Katakura has two locations in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centre & Amsterdam World Trade Centre). All courses are offered for competitive pricing. Katakura WBLC will help you along the way.

The Dutch language at Katakura WBLC

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